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Five Sixteenths

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Monday, October 03, 2005

Five Sixteenths

Five sixteenths? What is that? Better yet, how much is that? Is that a lot or a little? What if someone said, you are 'five-sixteenths' of that race. What would you say? Do you use the one-drop theory and say you are all one race or do you claim the race of which you are the other eleven-sixteenths? Is it fair in the scheme of things? What if you don't 'feel' anything or have any emotional connection with the other eleven-sixteenths? What if someone told you to 'date your own race' and you are divided up, five-sixteenths/eleven-sixteenths? Do you find someone with that exact makeup? Where? Is this where the "marry your own race" line blurs?



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