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Friday, October 14, 2005

Football players have sex?!

So this whole brou-ha-ha over the MN Vikings is getting on my nerves. They chartered a boat and went out on Lake Minnetonka with some skanky chicks and got drunk and got it on. Whoopdy doo. Don't all football players? They all have groupies who hang around them for free alcohol, free food, and to have the ability to say they had sex with so-and-so. Ok, so it was seen in public on the lake, which is why there is so much controversy but what do people have, binoculars? Are they rolling up in their rowboats to check it out? Lake Mtka is HUGE. It would be hard to see anything. And the press is totally frying the Vikes about something that is so damn obvious in sports that it cracks me up to even talk about it. Who cares? I guess now we don't have Randy Moss to pick on, you have to dig something up. That's complete bullshit.


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