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Monday, October 10, 2005

Hmmm.. in cahoots?

I'm a conspiracy theorist. I was thinking about something today. My grandmother and I were on the other phone the other day, discussing obscene power bills and I listened intently as she ranted on and on about how she will not pay a bill that is $20 more than her usual bill, that she will argue with them, she will get a lawyer, blah blah. She ripped my head off when I suggested she just "pay it" to shut them up. You would think I was the 'power company' powers-that-be. At any rate, power bills are incredible. We live in a 2bedroom and our power bill last month was $160. Granted, we had two air conditioners running because of my asthma and it was seething hot here in the city but jeez, that's a lot of change!

So as I was hooking up my printer tonight... a business line printer.. I started thinking "what's so different about 'business' inkjets? Are they more powerful? If so, do they use more power?! Hmm... I do leave my printer on, throwing caution to the wind, figuring if I'm not actually printing something then it isn't using power. (duh, right?) But what if, just what if, these power companies got some sort of kickbacks from the folks at HP or Xerox for these uber-powerful doohickies?

Things that make ya go... hmmmmm.


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