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Thursday, October 20, 2005

Powerball & Cameron

Did you ever notice that the people who actually win the lottery are people who really didn't need to win the lottery? You never see poor people win the lotto. What about the people in the projects who buy that one ticket? Why don't they ever win the lottery? When is a poor family truly gonna come up from hitting the numbers? I don't think we'll ever see it.

In other news, I was kind of "blah" about Jennifer Weiner's book "In Her Shoes." Ok, so I didn't read it. But it was chick-lit and I'm totally not a chick-lit person per se, much less a fiction reader, although Jane Green's books have interested me as of late. At any rate, come to find out Jennifer Weiner is actually an ex-Philly Inquirer staff writer who lives here in Queen Village (albeit I have no clue where that is since I haven't been in Philly long.) I fancied my way to her blog (http://www.jenniferweiner.com) and read some of her interesting tips for writers.

Okay, I admit I'm a fan of authors who write about big women. There is such a lack of respect for big women in society, media, and entertainment in general that it is really thrilling to me that big women are getting their uppin's! Ha ha! So seeing that Jennifer is plus-size, a writer, and lives in the area, I have taken a liking to her. She is a fabulous writer from what I've seen in her blog so far. I may have to check out the book and yes, quite possibly, the movie - though I'm no Cameron Diaz fan. She lost my respect when she robbed the cradle.

Carry on.


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