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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rain, rain, get the hell outta here

I have never in my life hated rain. I loved it. I lived for summertime and midwest thunderstorms, the muted roar of tornado sirens for tornadoes that never came, the way the air smelled, the way the humidity dropped. Then I moved to Philly and rain took on a whole new physique. Rain doesn't cool things off here. It could pour rain and the dew point will still be 70 after it clears up. What is worse is that it seems like there are two seasons here - summer and rain. In the fall, it's a warm rain. In the winter, it's an icy cold rain. But make no mistake about it, all it does is rain. I feel like I'm in freakin Seattle.


I miss Phoenix and 360 days of sunshine a year. *sigh*


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