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Saturday, October 08, 2005


The whole Katie Holmes/Tom Cruise nightmare is really getting out of hand. The mere fact that she is impregnated by such an oddball person scares me. The fact that she is going to have one of the most painful, writhing births imaginable at the hands of her hubby-to-be actually entertains me.

The "Church" - used loosely - of Scientology doesn't allow speaking during labor. No noise. No music during the labor process -it might traumatize the baby. The mother is to do it completely natural, no painkillers of any kind. No screaming during labor pains or birth. It may traumatize the baby. In fact, no one is to speak to the infant for 4 days after birth because of perceived sensory overload in the child. To do so would, traumatize the baby.

Something tells me none of those things will be the thing that traumatizes this baby.

She fired her publicist, opting for her future sister-in-law, who is also Tom's publicist. She supposedly fired a whole lot of her staff and hired on the folks Tom advises her to.

Sounds to me like she needs a father, not a husband.


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