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Friday, October 14, 2005

Football players have sex?!

So this whole brou-ha-ha over the MN Vikings is getting on my nerves. They chartered a boat and went out on Lake Minnetonka with some skanky chicks and got drunk and got it on. Whoopdy doo. Don't all football players? They all have groupies who hang around them for free alcohol, free food, and to have the ability to say they had sex with so-and-so. Ok, so it was seen in public on the lake, which is why there is so much controversy but what do people have, binoculars? Are they rolling up in their rowboats to check it out? Lake Mtka is HUGE. It would be hard to see anything. And the press is totally frying the Vikes about something that is so damn obvious in sports that it cracks me up to even talk about it. Who cares? I guess now we don't have Randy Moss to pick on, you have to dig something up. That's complete bullshit.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rain, rain, get the hell outta here

I have never in my life hated rain. I loved it. I lived for summertime and midwest thunderstorms, the muted roar of tornado sirens for tornadoes that never came, the way the air smelled, the way the humidity dropped. Then I moved to Philly and rain took on a whole new physique. Rain doesn't cool things off here. It could pour rain and the dew point will still be 70 after it clears up. What is worse is that it seems like there are two seasons here - summer and rain. In the fall, it's a warm rain. In the winter, it's an icy cold rain. But make no mistake about it, all it does is rain. I feel like I'm in freakin Seattle.


I miss Phoenix and 360 days of sunshine a year. *sigh*

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Yellow Wallpaper

We had to read "The Yellow Wallpaper" by Charlotte Perkins Gilman or whatever her name was. I have read it a few times before but it was interesting to re-read it. I felt like I could relate so much to it now, having went through what I have.

Speaking of which, I met with a friend of the physician persuasion. We were talking about my life, the things I've seen, been through, the things that make up who I am. She said to me, "does your husband know everything you've been through? What does he think of you?" I never thought about it. I admit, much of what I've gone through, I've never put on paper, on screen, or talked about in detail to anyone, including my husband. I told her, "I don't like to talk about my past."

All she said was, "well maybe you should."

When the time comes.

Monday, October 10, 2005

Hmmm.. in cahoots?

I'm a conspiracy theorist. I was thinking about something today. My grandmother and I were on the other phone the other day, discussing obscene power bills and I listened intently as she ranted on and on about how she will not pay a bill that is $20 more than her usual bill, that she will argue with them, she will get a lawyer, blah blah. She ripped my head off when I suggested she just "pay it" to shut them up. You would think I was the 'power company' powers-that-be. At any rate, power bills are incredible. We live in a 2bedroom and our power bill last month was $160. Granted, we had two air conditioners running because of my asthma and it was seething hot here in the city but jeez, that's a lot of change!

So as I was hooking up my printer tonight... a business line printer.. I started thinking "what's so different about 'business' inkjets? Are they more powerful? If so, do they use more power?! Hmm... I do leave my printer on, throwing caution to the wind, figuring if I'm not actually printing something then it isn't using power. (duh, right?) But what if, just what if, these power companies got some sort of kickbacks from the folks at HP or Xerox for these uber-powerful doohickies?

Things that make ya go... hmmmmm.